Cubanos Cocktails

Rum Cocktails


- Classic Mojito

White rum muddled with lime fresh mint and sugar served over ice with soda


- Cubanos Cuba Libre

Traditional Cuban rum bullion,

Coke and a fresh lime wedge


- Dark & Stormy

Kraiken spiced rum, Ginger beer lime wedge and a dash of bitters


- Strawberry Daiquiri

White rum shaken with strawberry purée, sugar and lime



Vodka Cocktails


- Espresso Martini

Absolute vodka, kahula and a shot of freshly brewed espresso shaken with ice and topped with cream


- Cosmopolitan

Stylish classic of Absolute vodka triple sec cranbury and fresh lime


- Bloody Mary

Absolute vodka tomato juice Worcester sauce and a dash of Tabasco salt and pepper garnished with an olive


- Porn star martini

Absolute vodka shaken with mango and passion fruit purée served with a shot of Prosecco on the side

Gin cocktails


- Gin Mojito

Tanqueray gin muddled with fresh lime, sugar syrup and mint served over ice with soda


- Tom Collins

Tanqueray, sugar syrup with fresh lemon juice served over ice with soda


- Gin Martini

Tanqueray, dry vermouth shaking with ice and garnished with an olive


- Strawberry Summer Sling

Tanqueray gin, strawberry purée, mint and apple juice with a splash of lemonade



Whiskey cocktails


- Old Fashioned

Bourbon, sugar syrup dash of Angustore bitters over ice garnished with a slice of orange and burnt orange rind


- Bourbon Mule

Bourbon, Ginger beer with a lemon twist


- Manhattan

Bourbon, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters


- Bourbons Summer Twist

Jack Daniels shaken with sugar, fresh lime and Cranbury juice garnished with lime wedge